Now-a-days, education plays a great role in the development of any country. Many education organizations try to increase education quality. One of the important aspects of this improvement is managing institute resources. Education Management System carried on by any individual or institution is engaged in providing services to students, teachers, guardians, and other persons are intermediary that performs one or more of the following functionalities

  • Student Admission
  • Employee Registration
  • Student List
  • Employee List
  • Result Management
  • Fees Management
  • Payroll & Accounts

Centralized School/Institute Management System (MyCMS) is a service that provides all services for an educational institute to make your life easier and faster by assuring its performance. Easy User Management System, Easy Admission Process.

What is MyCMS?

MyCMS is fully automated school/college management software. MyCMS is fully customizable according to your needs.

MyCMS is all in one solution for your premises. As our tag line, MyCMS is your digital partner towards success. You will get many modules with MyCMS that will help you to digitally enhance your premises.

Key Features

  • Reduces Paper Work, Improves Work Efficiency, and Saves Time.
  • Centrally stored information with zero redundancy.
  • Complete user-friendly environment.
  • Easy to find any relevant data in just one click.
  • No Geographical Boundaries and Works 24X7.

Modules of MyCMS


Online Admission

Complete online admission procedure


Student List

Students lists are generated


SMS Notifications

Students and parents will get all important notifications related to the admission process.


Various Reports

Reports of various types are generated such as Admission Stats, Admission Reports, etc.


Admin Login

Separate login panel for staff.


24X7 Support

You will get 24X7 support from us through phone and mail.


Optional Modules

There are a variety of optional modules you can choose any modules according to your needs.

  • Online Fees Payment
  • Online Complaints/Queries
  • Examination Management
  • Library Management
  • E-Certificates
  • ID Card Generation
  • Scholarship Records Management
  • Exam Form Generation
  • Inventory Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Employee Leave Management
  • Staff Profile

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What is MyCMS?

MyCMS is fully automated school/college management software.

Whom MyCMS is suitable for?

Any school, college, or institute can use MyCMS software.

What about technical support?

Our technical support can assist you with any technical problems you may face. Support is provided throughout email (, as well as by phone anytime.  We can also visit your college/school as per your request.

What is cost of MyCMS?

The cost of MyCMS is varies with the selection of modules, therefore to get a perfect estimation of MyCMS please contact us or drop a mail at

Are optional modules free?

No, optional modules are add-on modules. They are chargeable. for more details contact us.



Do i need to purchase new web server?

No, you can run MyCMS on your existing server as well as you can use our cloud-based server. for more details contact us.

Can reports are exported into PDF or Excel formats?

Yes. Whenever the system generates lists/reports, it gives the option to the user to export it in PDF or Excel format.

How long can i use this software?

As long as you want! You only need to renew the contract every year and can use it for an indefinite time period.

Is there any maintenance or renewal charges?

Yes, there are some basic charges for the renewal of support provided by us. for more details contact us.